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Shooting: 100m Rim Fire NSRS and General Practice

  • 19/07/2020

Correction from previous notice.

19 July's range activities are:

Morning, 100m, including rim fire NSRS competition (at 100m)

Afternoon, 100m general practice.

Registration opens at 9:00 am

25m sighting in range opens at 9:30 am until midday


100m, rim fire NSRS competition and general practice on  remaining ground lanes not used by the NSRS. 

10:00 am  National Sporting Rifle Shoot (NSRS) at 100m

Rim Fire (35 rounds required)

Prone, 10 shots in 4 minutes

Prone rapid, 5 rounds in 20 seconds

Sitting, 10 shots in 4 minutes

Kneeling, 10 shots in 4 minutes

No sighters.  No target gear or accessories beyond a shooting mat and kneeling roll.

Juniors and novice shooters are encouraged to start using a front rest for the prone serials - a day pack or bi-pod is ideal, but if you use these you can't expect your score to count for the trophy or other prizes.

For the complete rules, see the competitions page of our web site.

After the NSRS, general practice all morning.



General practice 

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