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The Northern Regional Shooting Championship

  • 26/01/2020

The Northern Regional Shooting Championship is an annual event with NZDA branches from the northern region hosted at a different branch each year.

In 2020 this competition will be hosted by the North Auckland Branch.

The range is closed to general use, and the 25m sighting in range is also closed.

All members of the North Auckland branch are invited to attend this shoot to represent their branch, and win back the trophy from Northland Branch

This is a 4-position centre fire shoot with unique format and rules.  The entire rule book can be read here.

A synopsis of the important rules is below:

Rifles with target accessories such as palm risers, butt hooks, etc are not permitted.

If a rifle is fitted with an adjustable fore end or stock, the rifle must be adjusted before the prone serial and not adjusted again during the entire match

No slings, target clothing or accessories permitted.

Shooting mats and kneeling rolls are permitted.

A spotting scope is permitted, but must be used by the shooter, not a 'spotter/caller'

Junior shooters, 16 years and under on the day, are permitted to use a .22 LR calibre rifle.  Junior shooters need NOT be financial members of the branch.

Course of Fire (45 rounds plus sighters required)

Prone, 5 minutes for unlimited sighters - rest allowed

Prone, 10 shots in 15 minutes, unsupported

Sitting, as above

Kneeling, as above

Standing, as above

Novelty event;

50m, standing, rapid serial, 5 shots in 40 seconds


Registration: from 9:00 am until the last detail starts the prone serial.

Briefing; 9:45 am

Shooting should start by 10:00 am

Last detail expected to finish by 3:00 pm

Shooters meeting by 4:00 pm

BBQ and prize giving by 4:30 pm

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