Party Hunts for 2020

Listed below are the party hunts being planned for 2020.  You are invited to register your interest in one or more of these hunts by sending an email to

Ivan Ramsey

Once a group of people have registered their interest, a meeting will be called to plan the details.   

February 15 - 16, Kaimai Ranges, Reds, Drive

March 26 - 30, South Island, Reds, Gola Peaks

April, 3 - 15, Stewart Island, While Tail, S and N Lords

May 9 - 10, Clements Rd, Sika, Sika Lodge accommodation

June 25 - 26, Rotorua, Wallaby

July, 25 - 26, Rotorua, Samba and wild bulls,

August 15 - 16, Te Urewera Galatea, Rusa, walk in

September, Te Urewera Galatea, Rusa, Fly in

October 20 - 25, South Island, Thar, 

November, Laytons Farm, Fallow meat hunt and training for beginners

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